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What's New with our club?
Week of Jan 21

Good luck forwarded to Andrew Redden and Andy Burwell on their upcoming NHB fights in  February at the Iowa Challenge.

Everyone is training hard getting ready for the 1st Open Grappling Championships in Oakville on Feb 11, 2001 and the Greater Toronto Area Tourney in March.  Best of luck guys!!!

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, The Fight Zone in Michigan was shut down.  Both Andy and Andrew were to compete at this event.  Both guys trained hard and were looking forward to the challenge that is now missed.   More importantly is that this shut down did happen, I think I speak for most NHB Canadian fighters when I say this is ridiculous and offer best wishes to Mr. Gomez in his fight with the bully tactics of the AG's office.  It's time the Government realized what this sport is about instead of what they think it's about!!

Congrats goes out to Bryan Rumble on receiving his Black Belt, Dec 14, 2000

Shawn Wattie recently brought home a second place finish in his division, in the New Toronto academy of Martial Arts grappling Tournament.